Through the Eyes of Girls

Words of wisdom from photographer Amanda Pratt

New York photographer Amanda Pratt recently shot a magazine ad for Always. We sat down with her to ask her to give advice to young female talent.

So what’s your story?

I was brought up in Rio de Janeiro and Vancouver; I feel like my work draws inspiration from both cultures. After school I moved to NYC and took photography classes at the School of Visual Arts. It was there I began putting stories together; my very first one got published. It was such a rush. It was luck meets hard work…meets experience…meets perseverance… meets hard work again!

Where do you find inspiration?

My inspirations can be from a book cover or even the way the light hits the wall. It also lies in other female artists, beginning with my mother – a fine artist who has influenced me throughout my career – to women on the forefront of the creative arts like Frida Kahlo and Georgia O’Keeffe. Both carved out a place for women painters in a time and place that had been exclusive to men. I admire that they were unafraid to dare. I think being successful creatively always requires knowledge of your craft, courage and innovation.

Any advice?

Make lots of mistakes. It’s from these mistakes that we learn. And never forget, the thing people remember most looking back on an experience isn’t what you said or did, but how you made them feel. Being collaborative, building relationships is the number one thing you have to value and nurture, and never lose sight of.

Thoughts on the work?

I think Through the Eyes of Girls is a fantastic way for girls to get advice for their goals and careers. It’s easy and accessible; there’s an instantaneous aspect about it to get advice, to help them navigate where they want to be. It was a very empowering and fun experience to work on this project. It’s always great to collaborate with such creative and talented people. It was also really nice to mix it up and work with both professional models and a real person like artist Laura Serra.

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